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An interview with Mr. Guibert Vanhooff, Director of Production and Service optimization - INFOTECHNIQUE

~Excerpted from DigiBook Mag, June 2005

Mr. Vanhooff, after several months of intensive use of your la Walck workshop equipped with four Digitizing Lines, can you tell us something about the safety, of the operators of course, but also that of scanned volumes?

From the point of view of users, one can speak not only of ergonomic and user-friendly operation (which is also a safety aspect for the finished product), but also of enhanced safety for books that have been processed by the DL5000. In fact, DL5000 applies only two mechanical stresses on books, the suction of covers (for supporting them fully) and the suction of pages by the lifting cylinder. No other mechanical stress is applied on any part of the book.

We have even digitized newspapers, which are known to be difficult to handle because of their size as well as the paper quality. The hitches encountered were related to the intense and sustained use in production (24h a day and 5 days a week), but only from the point of view of the machine, it was never anything to do with the books. The frequency of hitches is very minimal in comparison to the actual hours of use in production.

Currently, we have digitized more than 12500 books, of a size larger than double A2, which represents more than 5,000,000 typed pages, over a period of 5 months of production.

Mr. Vanhooff, do you have anything to say regarding the reliability of DLs?

After more than a year of use, which included coming to grips with the machine, a running-in period, a testing period, a period of “industrial” tuning-up and finally a period of actual production, we notice that the efficiency obtained is slightly better than what was anticipated. This is due to the actual efficiency of the DL5000 as well as the quality of the product, from the point of view of its design as well as from the point of view of ease of maintenance.

Mr. Vanhooff, what do you have to say about the after sales service?

Being confronted with constraints of just-in-time production, we operate with a maintenance contract at two levels, the first for immediate remotely controlled interventions by our personnel, using spare parts that are already available, and the second one for standard interventions provided by our partner, within timeframes that allow us to maintain our average level of productivity.

Mr. Vanhooff, can you tell us if you have attained your production objectives? If not, why so?

Yes, but I think I have already answered this question when we discussed the questions of safety at the beginning of the interview. Moreover, we are always ready to implement any idea or method that allows us to improve this.

Mr. Vanhooff, if Infotechnique was entrusted with a new project that required the use of equipment that provided higher production volumes, would you purchase DL 5000s or equivalent equipment from i2S / ASSY to achieve this?

The answer is YES without hesitation, for several reasons:


It is a solution with a high production rate


It is a reliable solution


Maintenance is looked after very well


It is a genuine partnership relation between parties


There is a significant return on investment.

Thank you very much, Mr. Vanhooff.

Interview by Alain COSTE
DigiBook Business Unit Manager


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