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Backed by decades of experience, Image Retrieval can handle 35mm aperture cards with a variety of options to give you the faithfully scanned information your business needs.


Aperture cards are a derivative of the original IBM punch card with a window cut into one side for a single frame of 35mm microfilm.

Aperture Cards

The aperture card may or may not have Hollerith Code (punch holes with index information) but will normally have index data printed on the physical card's title strip. 

Aperture cards are commonly used for engineering drawings and other large documents but may also have multiple smaller pages in the large frame.

After receiving your Aperture Card Archive at our scanning bureau office, Image Retrieval will inventory the collection and verify that all have been received. The Ap cards will then be reviewed and prepared for scanning. Each image is then captured using high volume scanning equipment.

The final processed images are published to an electronic file forma and thenou and a digital master created.


Digitizing your aperture card collection to an electronic file format now will enable you the view your collection more easily, either via a PC, Laptop, or iPad.

Professional Slide Scanning

Image Retrievals’ photographic slide scanning service can digitally convert old photographic slides into an electronic digital form, 

preserving the image and restoring it back to its original quality.


Photographic slides typically suffer from deterioration over time and become faded, scratched, and damaged through mishandling and general use. Most types of mounted slides can be scanned, including, 35mm, 126, 127, 110, negative, positive, and monochrome.


Digitizing your photographic slide collection to an electronic file format now will enable you the view your collection more easily, either via a PC, Laptop, or iPad..

The hard copy aperture cards or Slide collection can then be returned to you. Alternatively, we can make arrange to have your bulky archives stored off-site at our secure archive storage facility.

Now that you know the benefits are too good to ignore, why hesitate  any longer?

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