Why Document Archiving?

A commercial archive is the collection historical records in which Archives contain important source documents and records that have accumulated over an organisation's lifecycle, which are kept showing the timeline of the function for that organisation.

This is typically understood to be historical records generated naturally and necessarily as a product of regular administrative, legal, commercial, or social activities etcetera. That have been deliberately written or designed to communicate a precise message for future generations.

There is a growing problem thou; businesses face ever-increasing legal regulations to keep more and more paper records. Which must be adhered to in terms of management compliance record historical preservation.

There lies however, the inherent problem of perpetual year on year growth in volume and scale of an archive. Which is compounded further in the face of an increasingly digitalised workplaces. The ease with which paper can be produced means more paper document files-ledgers-books etcetera need to be preserved.

According to the ‘Paperless Project’, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. That is a lot of trees and a 

lot more of real-estate space needed to safely Therefore, managing a full in-house archive can be both costly and time consuming and will take up valuable premium space, which could be better utilized within a business.

Image Retrieval established since 1995, our services can provide several viable and cost effect solutions to remove these headaches for our clients. Solutions implemented by professionals that conform with government guidelines and that meet stringent industry standards.


Off-site secure physical document storage


Although there is no getting around the fact that some documents need to be archived indefinitely, that does not mean you have to spend a fortune on document retention. Offsite document storage costs are significantly less per square foot than inhouse office storage or a self-storage unit. and it frees up valuable workspace that can be used to generate revenue. 

Peace of Mind

You cannot put a price tag on your peace of mind. Off-site document archiving storage lets you rest easy, knowing your information is secure, accessible, and effectively managed. No matter how you look at it, the benefits of offsite document storage are undeniable and indispensable.


In today’s environmentally conscious world using an appropriate fit for purpose energy efficient storage facility, which has a multitude of advantages. From removing the physical footprint and all the associated office energy requirement, costs and risks associated with an unintentional organically grown in-house office storage. 


To our in-house digitally bulk scanning bureau, which can assist in further reducing the size of your archive and box volume space.  With the added Green advantage of recycling  the securely shredded post scanned paper into reusable consumable products.

File Accessibility

No more frustration searching for a misplaced for lost file when your colleagues and clients are anxiously waiting for information? Secure off-site document storage ensures that your files are available whenever you need them, because each file is barcoded and tracked within an inventory management database.

Additionally, you can choose to have original un-scanned archive items, hand-delivered to your office within specified daily time-slots. Or request to have the original records scanned and sent you digitally using  our 'Scan on Demand' service.


Options of safe and secure, online document portals let you view your offsite inventory and request files anytime.

Now that you know the benefits are too good to ignore, why hesitate  any longer?

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