Information professionals need to ensure that archives and documents in their care remain secure and safe, often meeting stringent international standards.


On-premises archive storage can be expensive with office space commanding such high premiums. This is when off-site archive storage needs to be considered. 

The typical ‘one size fits all’ standard off-site box storage companies remain the default option for archivists. Their business model is primarily based on high volume and re-boxing sales. But the specialised requirements of in-house archive storage accessibility and existing working practices conflict with the reality of the external ‘one size fits all’ compromise.

Document management professionals require a ‘best-of-both-world’ solution to address their specific needs.

Image Retrieval offers a hybrid ‘best-of-both-world’ document storage solution specifically tailored for professional archivists to better meet their specific needs and  requirements.

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The Solution

The key benefit is to release the value of premium real estate by combining off-site outer London storage advantages with access to a convenient London based Archivist Hub.

This is a tiered solution offers all the advantages from each storage type with none of the disadvantages:

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Image Retrievals Hybrid archiving for archivist’s hub combining the economy of offsite storage with the convenience of London access.

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