Image Retrieval offer historical administrative solutions for the UK bereavement sector.

From our varied range of services, we can supply the right solution to either local  parish councils up to national organisations.

Information professionals, document controllers  etc. need to ensure that the historical  records and archives in their care.

Image Retrieval convert original historical original bereavement records to create a new or populate current administrative software package.

The issue

We understand that the initial set-up cost to fully switch from traditional paper-based administration processes to current electronic administration software application can be expensive.


As very few organisations have the budget to implement a full chronological historical data transfer, held in old-style and timeworn Burial/Crematorium Registers, index cards, original paper files, microfilm and microfiche archives.

Therefore, one cannot help but end up with a duel old and new administration system in place i.e. pre-software and post software administration processes.

The opportunity

An opportunity to address this specific need of document professionals transferring between old and new current hybrid administration difficulties and frustrations.

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The solution

We can achieve this offering a tailored and scheduled programme to digitally batch capture (Scan) historical archives still held within  bound registers, index cards, paper files microfilm or fiche. Creating a full disaster recovery back-up archive of all your historical valuable records.

From a copy of these historical electronic files we will transcribe/double key back data entry this information to an electronic database file. With this newly created electronic information with options has created:

A full disaster recovery backup of all the original historical bereavement records, that were previously held within timeworn registers/paper or microfilm

Use this historical database for a completely new administration application software provider you may be seeking to use.

Alternately this very same historical data can be used to populate a current administrative software package. Creating a complete accurate timeline from pre-and-post administration software start date.

Image Retrieval convert original historical original bereavement records to create a new or populate current administrative 

software package.


Image Retrieval have been established since 1995, our services have been implemented by professionals and conform with government guidelines and that meet stringent industry standards.

Now that you know the benefits are too good to ignore, why hesitate  any longer?

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