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  • Artwork

  • Large Drawings

  • Plans

  • Maps

  • Photographs

  • Newspapers

  • Loose leaf documents. 


Why Digital Document Scanning?

This is the next logical step once if you current have documents or materials stored archived. 

By following the path to paperless and digitally scanning your stored archives you will move beyond preservation and onto sustainable

storage, reproduction, and distribution.

Read on to discover the many advantages that come with going digital.

 1. Additional Office Space

Using prime office real estate to store business records is costly. Scanning your documents frees up office space so it can be used to generate more revenue for your company.

 2. No deterioration of data

 Once the data exists in binary form, it can exist in that form for as long as you wish. Unlike physical archives that can become difficult to read, digital media can only be improved upon. Records can be duplicated, appended and manipulated while the originals remain untouched.

Open Space Office
 3. Enhanced Staff Collaboration

Document scanning makes it easy to share documents and collaborate on projects without having to reproduce information on paper. Staff in multiple locations can access and view electronic documents simultaneously, with better data security. Protecting hard copy information is difficult at best. Scanned documents can be encrypted, password protected, and securely stored in the cloud, with redundant copies to ensure no information is lost.

 4. Improved Customer Service

 If you have customers in more than one region, it can be hard to provide consistent customer service. Document scanning lets you get important information to your clients much faster and makes it easier for your company to fulfil its legal and regulatory obligations such as audits and inspections.

 5. Superior Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Paper documents are especially vulnerable to fire, floods, terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Fortunately, document scanning offers enhanced disaster recovery for your business and can dramatically reduce the costs incurred in such scenarios.

 6. Sustainability

Document scanning is not simply good for your business, it benefits the environment as well. According to the Paperless Project', the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. That is a lot of trees, and digitisation can help you achieve your sustainability goals. An added benefit is that once your archives have been scanned and digitised, the original material (paper etc) can be recycled to further reduce the carbon footprint of your organisation.

 7. More Time

Searching for a misplaced file can lead to great frustration, especially when your colleagues and clients are anxiously waiting for information.


Did you know that it can take on average 37 minutes to find one paper file? (*) Document scanning Streamlines file access across your organisation. Digitally scanned documents ensure that your files are available when you need them.


For example, a secure online document portal lets you view your files anytime. (*AIIM Survey)

Now that you know the benefits are too good to ignore, why hesitate  any longer?

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