Image Retrieval has complete range of secure off-site hard copy document and data storage solutions, 

that include:

  • Fire-resistant storage

  • Active box storage

  • Dormant rack storage

  • Data tape storage

  • Bulk storage


Image Retrieval offers different levels of service to meet your specific needs and budget. Our secure archive stores are 

suitable for archiving most documents but are particularly cost-effective for general company records.

Service Levels


  • Delivery and collection paperwork.

  • Work and purchase orders

  • HR documentation

  • General company records

All storage areas are secured with high specification alarm systems and benefit from restricted access.  We utilize industry leading digital barcode technology to ensure boxes can immediately be identified, tracked, and located.

  • Cost effective document storage

  • On-site and secure

  • Next-Day and Urgent Retrieval of files and documents


Image Retrievals' storage pods not only offer an additional level of security over the standard secure archive stores, but also

the reassurance offered by an internal argonite fire suppression system with four-hour fire resistance.  This makes them ideally suited for those documents that need to be stored in a manner that offers a little extra peace of mind.

  • Legal records

  • Architectural plans

  • Tapes

  • Digital material

  • Quality assurance documents

Environmentally neutral Argonite fire suppressant, safe for use in occupied areas and leaves no residue. This ensures that items 

in our care are not damaged or altered should the system have to be used.

  • Added security

  • Four-hour fire resistance

  • Fire suppression system


For total peace of mind, Image Retrieval's top level of security offers four-hour fire resistance including internal argonite fire suppression, humidity in real time and temperature monitoring. Perfectly suited to the long-term storage of sensitive and critical business documents

  • Blueprints

  • Lab books

  • Clinical trial back-up discs

  • Legal documents

  • Research data results

Our secure top-level option controls and monitor detrimental factors such as light temperature can all contribute to the deterioration of archived material. Ensuring optimum conditions protecting the quality and integrity of the documents they house.

  • Full climatic control

  • Fire suppression system

  • Four-hour fire resistance

  • Added security

All archived boxes are clearly labelled to show the archiving environment in which they should be kept. Ensuring each box will stored only in the correct environment.


Our bespoke own archive storage boxes(or those previously approved for use) have a neutral PH value and help sustain the internal conditions of this sensitive environment. 

Now that you know that the benefits of secure off-site document storage are too good to ignore, why hesitate any longer?

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