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Scan to PDF, TIFF & JPEG


  • Artwork

  • Large Drawings

  • Plans

  • Maps

  • Photographs

  • Newspapers

  • Loose leaf documents. 

planetary scanner capturing newspaper
Document approval artwork

Compliant with FADGI, Metamorfoze and ISO 19264

curled map artwork

Handles material up to 24x43”

multiple file types artwork

Output to a variety of options such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF

Image Retrieval is proud to offer more than two decades of experience in rare and fragile documents. 

Our top-of-the-line scanners are can handle bound items with strict handling requirements such as books that withstand only partially opening, oversized maps that lay flat or loose documents that require extra care.

scanning artwork

We take a non-destructive approach to image capture (scanning), using flatbed and inbuilt book cradle to protect any fragile spines.

Lighting is also a key component of our solution, and we cover all your needs with overhead planetary digital scanning camera and low lux-lighting or ambient lighting protection only options.

Items are scanned intact, items are scanned individually on a plenary flatbed line scanner with horizontal one pass lighting motion, to avoiding the possibility of any bleaching damage that can be caused by external fixed hotlighting stations.

You can be assured that even your most delicate items will be scanned without harm. 

Whether your photographs are in a bound collection or loose prints slides or negatives, Image Retrieval can safely scan and reproduce your collection with ultimate clarity and detail.

The scanned files can be easily duplicated via digital printing and reprographics, thus protecting you from the risk of losing critical or precious  information.

Scan of map
scanning map of Texas

The final processed images are published to an electronic file format and your physical archive items are returned to you. 


Alternatively, we can arrange to have your unique bulky archives stored safely off-site at our secure Archiving Storage Facility.

Now that you know the benefits are too good to ignore, why hesitate  any longer?

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