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  • Institutional and Corporate customers

  • Engineering and Aerospace customers

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Jacketed Microfiche
ribbon scnning capture

Guaranteed 100% image capture with ribbon scanning technique

No bad documents

No lost, undetected or improperly cropped images

Precision Crop Clipart

Standard QC includes deskew, despeckele, gamma and precise cropping

Digitise your Microfiche collection to an electronic file format, allowing you the benefit of viewing that information more easily via a PC, Laptop, or iPad. Whilst freeing up valuable space, increase productivity by making information easier to find, and potentially increase your profitability.

Backed by decades of experience, Image Retrieval have handled many versions and types of microfiche formats with a variety of options to

give you the faithfully scanned information your business needs.

FlexScan scanning aperture card

After receiving your Microfiche at our scanning bureau office. Image Retrieval will check inventory the collection, verifying that all the microfiche archives have been received. 


The microfiche will then be reviewed and prepared for scanning. Each image is then captured using high volume scanning equipment. The final processed images are published to an electronic master archive.

The physical archive items are returned to you.

Alternately arrangements can be made to have your bulky Microfiche archives, stored off-site at our secure Archiving Storage Facility.

Handsome Man Scanning Fiche

Now that you know the benefits are too good to ignore, why hesitate  any longer?

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