Image Retrieval was formed in 1995 in the UK by the late Kevin Jenkins and brother of Derek Jenkins (founder of Image Retrieval Inc. - DBA, Image Retrieval). Image Retrieval Inc. is the exclusive distributor of i2S book and large format scanners. Based in Texas, USA. They offer a wide range of planetary professional digital scanning equipment. (www.iiri.com)


Image Retrieval Limited provides the highest quality secure document storage archiving and digital imaging services for the commercial marketplace.


We deliver a full total document archiving management services to a diverse customer base that spans both public and private sectors and includes some of the country's best-known businesses and institutions. 

Offering full bulk archival document box storage archiving, and digital scanning conversion across a variety of different physical medias. From office paper documents, microfilm, bound-books, velum, card, and parchment.

We also supply complete and proven electronic document management systems.

Our Aim is to enable our clients to release premium real estate space, assist with better data security, document retention time-frame compliance, whilst enhancing your disaster recovery protection protocols.  Facilitating and streamline your staff’s day to day business processes and customer service.


In addition, we proactively empower our clients to help do their bit when it comes to Climate change. 

Document imaging and archiving is not simply good for your business; it benefits the environment as well.

According to the Paperless Project, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year.

Going more paperless and recycling securely shredded document into sustainable consumer consumables, we believe is a worthwhile additional benefit. 

We achieve this firstly by helping our clients to analyse and understand the various options open to them. This supports in enabling an informed decision as to which solution best suits our client’s needs. Typically, the following steps are:


Archive the bulk of your records for retention to an off-site secure storage facility


Collection of materials by a member of our staff members who are externally security vetted.


Hardcopy files and media go directly from your premises to our file storage facility.


Full audit trail available from the time of collection from your premises and stored till the time of return.


Physical archive box/file return requests can be manually or electronically delivered to you at within agreed service agreement timelines.


Periodically deemed archive batches of your choosing can be digitally scanned creating an electronic master archive.


Securely upload your digital archives into your existing or new Electronic Document Management System


Recycling of post scanned old documents, contributing towards more sustainable practices.

With twenty-five years’ worth of accumulated knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, Image Retrieval is an established and conscientious enterprise. We are in this industry to deliver together with our strategic partnerships, to enables our client to benefit from the know-how and experience proving Total Document Archive and Imaging Management solution. Whether your primary concern is audit compliance, disaster recovery, information preservation or data security, we have the team and the tools to  achieve your ideal scenario a reality.