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Specialising in scanning books, paper, microfilm and microfiche to PDF.

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For over 30 years, Image Retrieval has been an industry leading service bureau with a skilled eye for image quality and a professional approach to every project. Working with high quality scanner producers, such as i2s and NextScan, Image Retrieval continues to perform at a peak level and offers many services for digitizing your collections.

Our services include: microfilm/fiche, fiche, paper scanning, document storage, aperture cards, books, newspapers, artwork, rare or fragile material, and batch processing.

Book Scanning

IIRI use i2s book scanners for all our book and large format scanning. We currently have a number of in house book scanners so are able to handle large jobs as well as the small ones. Our staff are experienced at handling rare and delicate works.

Large Format Scanning

Our top-of-the-line scanners are can handle bound items with strict handling requirements such as books that withstand only partially opening, oversized maps that lay flat or loose documents that require extra care, such as:

Microfilm Scanning

IIRI are leaders in this arena with a huge investment in specialised equipment to handle any size or type of project on film.

Our scanners include four dedicated Nextscan Roll film scanners (16mm & 35mm) produce high quality, high volume digital images from roll microfilm.

Microfiche Scanning

For this kind of work IIRI generally use a number of Sunrise scanners. Images can be saved in a variety of formats with the most common being multipage Black and White tiff.

Digital Document Scanning

Quickly scan through high quantity amounts of unbound documents, therefore freeing up space around the office.

Cloud Hosting

By using our document cloud web hosting solution any business can control their IT costs and get set-up rapidly.

Batch Post Processing

Quickly scan through high quantity amounts of unbound documents, therefore freeing up space around the office.

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