Total Asset Lifecycle Software Solution

The missing link in the Internet of Things


The building management industry is currently the least digitized of our major industries resulting in vast unquantifiable costs lost through inefficiencies, duplication and flawed decision-making due to a lack of relevant, accurate and accessible information.

Our original insight that an asset-centric approach is the obvious and most efficient way to manage physical assets is demonstrated by the real and tangible benefits TAL brings to all the stakeholders owning, managing, or insuring complex buildings.

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As TAL does not require proprietary software and works on any PC, tablet & smartphone, managing your building’s assets is about to become a lot easier, quicker, and cheaper.


We offer different Modules to match your requirements. Whether you are the owner of a commercial office building, the facility manager of a residential block or retail complex, 

our flexible Modules can be tailored to your current needs and be adapted as and when these changes.

Our three USPs are:

An asset-centric approach, which enables 

A unique address in the ‘Cloud’ for every asset for ever. 


An innovative intuitive interface using 3D scans.

Module Zero (Building Manager) allows you to get started at no cost: create an online log-in on the TAL platform and immediately benefit from our safe and secure smart Building Documents Database. Add buildings, load all the O&M files, and share them with all your colleagues or send them to relevant third parties.


You are welcome to load up to 20 assets on the Asset Manager (Module 2) to discover the many benefits of our asset-centric approach.

Now that you know that the benefits of our asset-centric approach to building management solutions are too good to ignore.

Why hesitate any longer?

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