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Image Retrieval are working organisation in the fight to against the coronavirus pandemic and helping all individuals, who are at work or retuning to work to feel safe and informed.

TALTAG COVID-19 Secure Compliance Software

This recent software development has become a welcome boost for hard hit industries as they recover from the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

This unique Taltag sanitisation software module is a significant boost to businesses wanting to show their staff and clients the conscientious effort your business made to go above and beyond current basic Government COVID-19 guidelines.


COVID-19 SECURE premises sanitation Software.

Get your premises COVID-19 Secure and let your staff, client and customers know they are safe.

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By investing in this cost neutral technology, which has an amazingly fast set-up timeline with immediate safety measures taken made visible via a pc or smart phones. 

Which will greatly increase the confidence of your clients, customers, and staff, at such a difficult time ahead

Now that you know that the benefits of our COVID-19 SECURE premises sanitation Software. Why hesitate any longer?

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